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Our organization makes modern quality of living requirements possible for adults, elderly, and the disabled in need of care.  We are a non-profit health care corporation dedicated to traditional American and Christian values.


Attractive facilities, both indoors and out, friendly and professional personnel, and a family atmosphere invite  residents to relax and enjoy themselves. 


Come in and make yourself at home! 


About Our Facilities

Our facilities have been designed with the needs of the adult, elderly, and disabled in mind.  In doing so, we are dedicated to the principles of humanity and patience, dignity and respect, and compassionate care for all residents.


Our Services: Care and Assistance

From simple assistance in everyday life to the comprehensive care of nursing, our homes conform to assist the individual needs of our residents.


Learn more about our four unique organizations and their services here.  Click on each respective link to the left.  


We are happy to assist,

you can contact us at:


General Baptist

Health Care

1287 W North St
Piggott, AR 72454

Phone: 870 598-1020
Fax: 870 598-1025



We support Pioneer and Green House Concepts!

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