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How to Care for Patients Who’ve Gone Through a Stroke

Did you know that nearly 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke every year? Caring for a loved one who’s gone through stroke isn’t easy to say the least. You need to be careful when providing care and make sure all their post-stroke health needs are met. General Baptist Healthcare is a provider … Continue reading

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How a Nursing Home Brings Peace of Mind

Being away from our elderly loved ones doesn’t normally bring us peace of mind. But in the case of nursing homes, we’ll never be as sure and as confident that the people we love are receiving the best care. General Baptist Healthcare offers senior care in Piggott, Arkansas through our modern assisted living facilities and … Continue reading

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What Makes Medication Adherence Difficult for Seniors

The need to correctly adhere or follow their medication instructions is crucial for the wellbeing of seniors. As your trusted provider of elderly care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, we administer proper care and monitoring so that your elderly loved one can take their medications in the right schedule and with the right dosage. When a … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors

Elderly dehydration is a very serious matter among our senior loved ones. However, they can be at risk of this occurrence due to many reasons. Foremost of these reasons is their declining ability to sense thirst, which is very common among seniors. When they get dehydrated, serious health complications can happen, which affects their overall … Continue reading

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Skilled Nursing Care: When Do You Need It?

Skilled nursing care is administered by registered nurses who have the skills in attending to a specific physical condition or ailment. In our home providing Senior Care in Piggott, Arkansas, we have skilled nurses who are well-versed in providing the patient’s needs according to their particular conditions. However, you must also be wondering as to … Continue reading

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Top Payment Options for Nursing Homes

Have you considered taking your loved one to a nursing home? Our care facility in Arkansas becomes necessary for patients who need long-term care or those who require short-term care with the intent of going back home once recovered. Our nursing homes in Campbell, Missouri are staffed with competent and compassionate healthcare practitioners. So when … Continue reading

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