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General Baptist Health Care EXPANDS!!!!

On Dec 1, 2018, GBHC purchased 3 new care homes in Pine Bluff, AR. Formerly the Davis Life businesses, our new homes are:
The Villages of General Baptist Health Care West
The Villages of General Baptist Health Care East &
The Villages of General Baptist Assisted Living Center

Also, as part of the “group” of care centers at the same location, we have entered into a management agreement to operate:
Whispering Knoll Assited Living Center &
The Gardens of Whispering Knoll Assited Living Center.

These 5 homes will give us a great opportunity to provide our Faith-based quality of care for local & regional residents. Each home has their own Facebook Page to view the daily activities of your friends & family who are residents at all locations.

You can also view an individual page for each on our website by clicking the “LOCATIONS” tab above.location