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How to Care for Patients Who’ve Gone Through a Stroke

How to Care for Patients Who’ve Gone Through a Stroke

Did you know that nearly 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke every year? Caring for a loved one who’s gone through stroke isn’t easy to say the least. You need to be careful when providing care and make sure all their post-stroke health needs are met.

General Baptist Healthcare is a provider of senior care in Piggott, Arkansas with assisted living and nursing homes that deliver top-notch post-stroke care. We know how important it is for stroke victims to get back on their feet and live a normal life again.

If you’re ever assigned to care for a family member who recently experienced stroke, here’s what you need to know:

  • Altered senses.
    People who’ve gone through stroke can have trouble sensing whether something is hot or cold because of an impaired sense of touch. In light of this, you shouldn’t allow your loved one to boil water, cook, or do anything that involves extreme heat or coolness as they may end up hurting themselves.
  • Trouble judging the position of body parts.
    Stroke can impair one’s judgment of size, position, distance, or movement rate, particularly concerning the legs and arms. This can be very dangerous as it results in falling, tripping, and knocking objects around. Properly caring for a loved one who recently experienced stroke means putting in the effort to make your home fall-proof.
  • Speech and language problems.
    Stroke can deal damage to the “language center” of the brain and affect one’s way of communicating. This condition, known as aphasia, can cause the stroke victim to have difficulty understanding spoken and written language. They’ll have trouble expressing their feelings and feel some sort of disconnection with the people around them.
  • Joint pain.
    Stroke can cause a person’s joints to tighten or even lock up altogether. As a caregiver, you need to help keep the patient’s joints moving so they can slowly gain back their strength. In the event of muscle spasms, it’s important to call the doctor immediately. These are matters that can only be properly addressed with the right injections and medications.
  • Feelings of sadness.
    Stroke survivors often feel a rollercoaster of emotions from fear, to anger, to anxiety, to depression. They feel the greatest and most palpable sense of loss from no longer being able to live life the way they desire. But these worries can be conquered when they have a solid support system like friends and family.

If you need a provider of physical therapy in Arkansas to help better care for family members who’ve gone through a stroke, don’t hesitate to partner with General Baptist Healthcare. We have a home and a team of professionals who are more than equipped to care for stroke survivors and show them that there is still so much more to live for.

In what other ways can we effectively care for stroke patients? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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