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Signs That It’s Time to Avail of Assisted Living for Your Seniors

Signs That It's Time to Avail of Assisted Living for Your Seniors

Many seniors are resistant to the idea of receiving senior care in Piggott, Arkansas. And that’s understandable. For them, it’s like everything that they’re familiar with is uprooted.

However, as difficult as it is, there are times when it’s unavoidable ? especially if family caregivers cannot bear the burden of providing home care. So what are the signs that point to your senior loved ones requiring skilled-care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?

  • Inability to perform activities for daily living.

    If you find your loved ones unable to perform chores that they usually wouldn’t have trouble with, consider getting assisted living. These facilities feature round-the-clock assistance designed to ensure that they meet their residents’ daily needs. Some provide physical therapy in Arkansas to help residents regain their mobility and independence.

  • Worsening medical condition.

    Whether it is a chronic medical condition or slow recovery from surgery, these are sure signs that it’s time to move to an adult home or nursing home. At General Baptist Healthcare, we have an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that are ready to deliver individualized care to residents who cannot care for themselves due to their medical condition.

  • Senior isolation and unsafe living situation.

    Companionship is a crucial factor that ensures healthy aging. However, if your loved one lives alone in a house that is increasingly becoming more dangerous, assisted living can be the solution. In the care home, they can renew their social interaction with fellow seniors without worrying about their safety and security.

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