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What Makes Medication Adherence Difficult for Seniors

 What Makes Medication Adherence Difficult for Seniors

The need to correctly adhere or follow their medication instructions is crucial for the wellbeing of seniors. As your trusted provider of elderly care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, we administer proper care and monitoring so that your elderly loved one can take their medications in the right schedule and with the right dosage.

When a person is not able to adhere to their medications, they can be at risk to further complications, relapse, or even delayed recovery. However, for many of our senior loved ones, adhering can be difficult to manage due to age-related conditions. As your partner in receiving quality Senior Care in Piggott, Arkansas, we aim to help you address the need for medication management. What you can do is to identify the reasons for their non-adherence and address the issue from that point.

Here are the common hindrances of medication adherence:

  • Visual Impairment
    Seniors have the difficulty in seeing clearly. As a result, they may find it difficult to read fine-printed labels on medicines or prescriptions. Because of that, they may have a wrong interpretation of the instruction. To address this, get your loved one checked with an eye specialist or request for these instructions to be printed in bigger fonts. Our team providing senior care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas can assist your loved one in going to their doctor’s checkups.
  • Forgetfulness
    Whether forgetfulness is an early sign of dementia or not, it can still happen in senior persons. When they are forgetful about their medication instruction, they can possibly miss the schedule or not take it at all. To address this, post clear reminders at home or request for someone to remind your loved one. Our team can help you out in managing your loved one’s medication whether they are in a Nursing Home or in their own home.
  • Low Budget
    Another reason why some seniors fail to take their medications as instructed is the lack of sufficient financial resource to avail the medicine. When they have a low budget, they may feel burdened about buying the medicines, so they opt not to buy it at all. To address this, ask the doctor if generic alternatives can be possible. Also, inquire from Medicaid or Medicare if your loved one qualifies from these programs to fund their medications.
  • Swallowing Difficulties
    If a senior goes through swallowing difficulties, this requires a more specialized form of assistance. They may find it difficult to take the medicines because swallowing is hard for them to do. To address that, try to consult the doctor if the liquid or intravenous form of the medicine may be ideal options. Also, enroll your loved one to a speech therapy program.

Does your senior loved one face any of these challenges? Our team at General Baptist Healthcare can be of help to you. Let us help you assess your loved one’s condition so we can determine the kind of assistance they need for every day.

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