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10 Tips: How Do You Choose the Right Nursing Home?


The nursing home becomes a major option for seniors who can no longer live safely on their own, or whose family members live far away from them. No two nursing homes are the same for your loved one. Facilities offer unique services that match your loved one’s unique care needs. Therefore, you have to be meticulous in finding the right match for your beloved aging kin.

As a nursing home in Piggott, Arkansas, we have rounded up these tips to guide you in looking for the right nursing home:

  1. Food taste

    Foods affect your loved one’s nutrition. You have to know whether they can eat the foods there or not. You can observe your loved one’s appetite by eating with them in the facility’s dining hall.

  2. Sounds around

    As you visit the nursing home, be extra careful of the sounds you hear. You would want to hear relaxing music, less shouting or yelling, and preferably no crying for help.

  3. Smell

    Observe the smell you can take in the nursing home you visited. While some medications do emit certain kinds of odor, you would be looking for the smell of freshness and proper care.

  4. Overworked staff

    Take time to talk to the staff and ask about their work. Staff should have less overtime and no double shifts to indicate they’re not short with care providers. This ensures you that they can provide adequate checking on your loved one.

  5. Staff interaction

    Observe also the way the staff members interact with one another and how one staff talks about the other who just left. You would look for staff who have respect and good thoughts of their colleagues.

  6. Residents’ leisure

    Observe how the residents spend their afternoon. Check for their daily activities. You would want to know that your loved one’s days are always occupied with something worth their time and health.

  7. Personal care

    Observe how the needs for personal care are being met. You would want to know if the care needs are being attended to on time.

  8. Manager

    It’s ideal to also talk with the manager. You would want to entrust your loved one to a manager who is approachable, knowledgeable, and licensed in their provision of care.

  9. Values

    It will also help to know what value system the nursing home supports. If they’re sharing the same principles that your loved one stands for, then they could be the right place you’re looking for.

  10. Cost

    While nursing home expenses can be shouldered by insurance coverage, there might be some costs that can be charged to you. Ensure you verify on this so you will not be burdened eventually.

At General Baptist Healthcare, you’re free to inquire from our staff providing senior care in Arkansas. Don’t hesitate to check our services personally or online so you’ll know you can entrust your loved one to our care.

Do you have other tips in looking for a nursing home? Comment below.

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