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Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home: The 3 Major Differences


Are you also one of the many who often interchange “assisted living” and “nursing home”? These two terms can be easily used for each other, but they are actually different. You have to be able to know the difference as the care needs of your loved one largely depend on it. In addition, remember that your loved one’s needs are unique, but there’s always a facility that can best serve their specific needs.

As a location for assisted living in Piggott, Arkansas, we have compiled this list of differences to guide you in your search for assistance.

  1. Level of Help

    In looking for a place of care besides home, clients will be evaluated according to the level of help they would need. The basis will be the activities of daily living (ADL), such as eating, dressing, bathing, and the likes. When seniors are able to independently handle their ADLs but will need minor help on other things such as doing the laundry, shopping for food, or cooking their meals, assisted living attendants are right for them. However, if they find it challenging to perform their ADLs, they are better suited to a nursing home.

  2. Socialization

    Making friends is an emotional booster for people of all ages. For seniors, being able to interact with others on a normal basis can help improve their self-confidence and push loneliness at bay. In assisted living facilities, seniors can easily have more time to meet with other residents and do things together. They can play games, watch movies together, or perform other worthwhile activities prepared by the staff. Meanwhile, nursing home residents might need assistance in going out should they want to socialize, either they have to be visited, or they will be brought to the event.

  3. Cost

    As these services are provided by licensed and professional care providers, there really are cost to be shelled out. In many assisted living facilities, the expenses are personally shouldered by the clients or their families. There are options, however, particularly for veterans and those who have availed themselves the insurance for long-term care. On the other hand, nursing home expenses are shouldered by Medicaid or Medicare, for as long as the facility is licensed by the state and the federal government.

Choosing for the right care facility for your senior family member is entirely up to you and your loved one. However, at General Baptist Healthcare, we have a set of reliable care providers who are trained to extend quality and compassionate care to our residents. Whether you’re searching for an assisted living facility or a nursing home in Piggott, Arkansas, you’re very welcome to inquire from us. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us.

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Is this list enough for you? In your personal experience, what other differences do an assisted living facility and nursing home have? Comment your thoughts below!

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