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Choosing What’s Best For Your Senior Loved One: Assisted Living or Skilled-Nursing Care


Assisted living and skilled nursing are among the care options that you can choose for your loved ones. The services of Senior care in Arkansas are available for families and aging individuals who seek to have assistance for their health and welfare, though many get confused by the similar services that these two types of care offer. Let us break it down and highlight on the benefits that families and seniors can get out of these services.

Assisted Living

These facilities are ideal for clients who are no longer fit to live alone by themselves but are still capable of doing things on their own and have a lower need of immediate medical care. They can qualify for assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) such as:

  • A Residential Community and engaging environment

    Where licensed medical practitioners can monitor their health and where they can receive assistance with their daily tasks. A schedule of activities is also prepared to let them interact with other residents.

  • Personal Care

    For hygiene and better grooming. They can be assisted with bathing and grooming themselves to maintain overall proper hygiene.v

  • Meal Arrangements

    Instead of cooking in their individual homes, they get served nutritious meals to help them maintain healthy bodies.

  • Light Residential Housekeeping

    Instead of making their own beds and changing their own sheets like when they are at home, clients with mobility concerns can greatly benefit from this since they get to have this all taken care of like how a hotel changes sheets for you.

  • Medication reminders

    Instead of pill-minder containers, they have qualified caregivers to personally remind and check their medication intake.


This form of senior care is best for aging seniors who need medical care and supervision like when they are fresh out of the hospital and need to recover from an illness or injury at home. Otherwise, seniors go to skilled-nursing homes or facilities where they get to receive the following:

  • 24/7 Care

    With licensed or registered nurses around the care facility 24/7, better medical care can be maintained considering the resources available at a skilled-nursing home.

  • Feeding Assistance

    If a client needs full feeding assistance, registered nurses who know the medical hazards of feeding tube clean up and operation can be given secure medical assistance.

  • Care for Pressure Sores

    For bedbound patients, registered nurses or licensed practical nurses can direct clients with pressure sore cleaning and dressing.

Both assisted living and skilled-nursing facilities have been redesigned to keep looking homey and inviting, considering the conditions of clients who have been admitted into their care. Securing a nursing home in Piggott, Arkansas can satisfy the desires of families to have better care for their senior loved ones.

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