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How Does Physical Therapy Benefit Aging Adults?

How Does Physical Therapy Benefit Aging Adults?

Did you know that there’s a treatment that can help restore your strength, treat arthritis, and even reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s without relying on heavy medication?

It may sound unbelievable, but there is indeed such treatment, and that is physical therapy in Arkansas.

Physical therapy is often provided as a part of senior care in Piggott, Arkansas for a good reason. Seniors often complain about aches and pains as they age, not knowing that it may be caused partly by their sedentary lifestyle. This kind of lifestyle is also associated with their increased risk of falls and cognitive disorders.

Physical therapy not only encourages seniors to stay active, but it also empowers them to take control of their health and independence. Through different treatments, seniors will be able to restore their strength and balance and reduce aches and pains in their body. Continued physical therapy can also help seniors manage different kinds of chronic diseases ranging from arthritis and osteoporosis to diabetes and dementia.

If you’re looking for a nursing home that also provides physical therapy and other services in Arkansas, talk to us.

General Baptist Healthcare not only provides compassionate and high-quality senior healthcare services, but we also provide physical therapy and rehabilitation in Jefferson City, Missouri. Call us to learn more!

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