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Top Payment Options for Nursing Homes

Top Payment Options for Nursing Homes

Have you considered taking your loved one to a nursing home? Our care facility in Arkansas becomes necessary for patients who need long-term care or those who require short-term care with the intent of going back home once recovered.

Our nursing homes in Campbell, Missouri are staffed with competent and compassionate healthcare practitioners. So when your loved one is considering to stay at a nursing home, know that they are in dependable hands. However, you may also be concerned about the financial obligations when paying for these services.

With that, let us share with you at least five different payment options that you can explore with the rest of your family so that you know how to acquire the services of a nursing home. Consider the following:


    This program is provided by the government for patients in nursing homes who will be receiving sub-acute care. For instance, if they need Physical Therapy in Arkansas so that they can regain their physical function again, they can stay in our nursing care facility. However, Medicare only covers short-term care and is dependent on certain ailments or physical conditions. Talk to your local Medicare representative to verify your loved one’s eligibility.


    If your loved one has also purchased long-term care insurance back when they were younger, this can be used to pay for senior care in Jefferson City Missouri. The payment covered by the LCI depends greatly on how wide your insurance coverage is. If your loved one owns this type of insurance, discuss this matter with their provider.


    This program is provided by the state government, depending on where the patient is residing. The Medicaid program serves as a financial supplement for the patient’s level of care once their money has been used up. For this reason, the patient is required to qualify for the financial assessment, so they can apply for the Medicaid and take your loved one to an assisted living center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.


    The Veteran’s Administration also provides benefits and financial aid for veterans and their spouses, which, upon qualification, can be used to pay for expenses in skilled-care in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. If you or a loved one is a veteran who was released in good standing, the Veteran’s benefits can be your payment option.


    Aside from the above-mentioned options, you can also pay for Senior Care in Piggott, Arkansas inside a nursing home through your personal savings and capacity. When you don’t have any of the qualifications previously mentioned, making out-of-pocket payments is the next best option.

You may have different factors to consider when it comes to paying for a nursing home, but you can trust that at General Baptist Healthcare, the payments will be worth the service. If you have further clarifications about our services or its payment options, feel free to reach out to us.

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