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What Can You Do to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors

What Can You Do to Prevent Dehydration in Seniors

Elderly dehydration is a very serious matter among our senior loved ones. However, they can be at risk of this occurrence due to many reasons. Foremost of these reasons is their declining ability to sense thirst, which is very common among seniors. When they get dehydrated, serious health complications can happen, which affects their overall well-being.

Because we provide elderly care in Jefferson City Missouri, we also recognize the importance of keeping seniors hydrated. Hence, we would like to offer the following recommendations so that you can monitor your loved one’s fluid intake.

  • Remind Them to Drink Water
    As a trusted provider of Senior Care in Piggott, Arkansas, we encourage you to be proactive in reminding your senior loved one that it’s time for them to drink water. They may forget about it or may not realize it’s time for them to drink. With gentle reminders, you’re also helping them take an active role in preventing dehydration.
  • Serve Fruit-Infused Water
    When your senior loved one doesn’t want to drink water very often, they may reconsider when the water is flavored. Adding flavors to water needs to be implemented using healthier ingredients. This is why fruit-infused water is a healthy option for seniors when they need to stay hydrated. If you need help in regularly preparing these kinds of services, providers of senior care in Campbell, Missouri can assist you.
  • Serve Broth or Soup
    Because of their savory taste and healthy ingredients, broth or soup can also serve as a secondary meal. However, it can also serve as a healthy drink for seniors so that dehydration incidents can be prevented. You can add chicken, beef, or vegetable to your soup so these can be healthier to seniors.
  • Provide Assistance
    Some seniors may also find it difficult to walk often due to their illness or disability. When this is the case, it can be helpful to have someone to assist them to ensure that they have eaten well and drank sufficiently. Whether your loved one is in a Nursing Home or just at home, our team of professional care providers can back you up in ensuring their well-being.
  • Make Smoothies or Shakes
    There are also seniors who are fond of drinking sweetened drinks as these entice them to eat some more. To accommodate this, fruit shakes or smoothies are good alternatives so that they can still have sweetened drinks but in a healthier version.

At General Baptist Healthcare, our expert team of care providers is here to assist your loved one so that they can attain quality life in their senior years. Whether they need assistance with their activities of daily living or Physical Therapy in Arkansas, our team is ready to help them. Just set an appointment with us so we can make assessments as to how we can help your loved one’s condition.

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