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What Is Included in Your Medicaid Payment?

What Is Included in Your Medicaid Payment?

The government’s Medicaid program is a life-saver for many low-income Americans. As the health insurance program for the general population, Medicaid provides great relief for low-income families who need medical intervention or care, or those who have conditions that require complex care. In essence, Medicaid is the main source for an American’s long-term care support.

Since Medicaid covers a wide range of health services to eligible clients, it helps to learn about what these services are to better equip us.

According to Medicaid.gov, there are certain benefits provided for eligible patients, which fall into two categories, namely, MANDATORY and OPTIONAL.

  • Mandatory Benefits

    These are the Medicaid benefits that states are legally required to provide to eligible persons. These include:

    • Inpatient and outpatient Hospital Services
    • Early and periodic screening, diagnostic, and treatment services
    • Services in a Nursing Home
    • Doctor’s services
    • Health center services both in rural areas and federally qualified centers
    • Laboratory and x-ray services
    • Services of a nurse midwife
    • Family planning services
    • Home health services
    • Certified Pediatric and Family Nurse Practitioner services
    • Transportation services to patient’s medical care
    • Tobacco cessation program for pregnant women
    • Freestanding Birth Center services (only for licensed providers or if recognized by the state)
  • Optional Benefits

    From the term alone, these Medicaid benefits are optional and will depend on a client’s State. When provided, optional benefits include:

    • Prescription medicines
    • Therapies for occupational, speech, or physical needs such as Physical Therapy in Arkansas
    • Respiratory care services
    • Dental services including dentures
    • Services for individuals 65 years old and above who have mental illnesses
    • Personal care
    • Hospice care
    • Private duty nursing services
    • Podiatry services
    • Prosthetics
    • Optometry services
    • Case management
    • Intermediate care services for individuals with developmental disability
    • Care services related to TB
    • Self-directed personal assistance

The above-mentioned list mostly comprises the optional benefits in Medicaid. For a detailed look, check out Medicaid.gov.

What are the basic qualifications for Medicaid?

For you to qualify for Medicaid, you must have to make less than 133% of the poverty line set by the federal government. This means you’re earning about $16,000 as a person or approximately $32,000 if you have a family of four. Recently, however, Medicaid also covers the eligible patients under CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program. Because of this, the expected beneficiaries of Medicaid have gone up to at least 74 million Americans.

If you want to know about your Medicaid benefit, you have to coordinate with your local office. They will assess and help you determine if you’re also eligible for the optional benefits.

As trusted providers of Senior Care in Piggott, Arkansas, we encourage you to seek out for your Medicaid care options so that you can receive the kind of assistance you deserve. If you’re also interested to learn about our services at General Baptist Healthcare, contact us.

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